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Left 4 Dead Achievement Hunting

l4d_06Even though I’ve been playing the game for a few months now, Left 4 Dead remains my biggest online addiction. Lately I’ve been trying to round up as many achievements as possible…and it hasn’t been easy. But here’s a few tips for getting some of the more challenging achievements.

Gamerpoints: 30
Description: Kill a Witch with a single headshot.
Tips: While it’s possible to hit a Witch with a sniper rifle, it’s best to take her out at close range with a shotgun. But timing is very important. I’ve seen most teammates get this achievement while standing slightly behind the Witch while she’s still in a seated position. As they creep closer (with flashlight off) she begins to stand; this is the time to attack. Aim for the back of her neck and head, but you must wait until she’s standing to register the lethal hit.

Field Medic
Gamerpoints: 20
Description: Heal 25 survivors with a first aid kit.
Tips: This one just takes time but is made easier with some cooperation from your teammates. Instead of constantly healing yourself, always offer your assistance to teammates…especially if they don’t already have this achievement. As long as you heal a teammate and they heal you, you’ll both stay healthy and quickly meet the criteria for this achievement.

Ground Cover
Gamerpoints: 30
Description: Save another survivor from a special infected while on the ground.
Tips: It’s hard to stage this one. For me, it just happened. I was incapacitated when one of my teammates was pounced by a Hunter. I just took aim with my pistols and blasted the Hunter. So if you’re down, look around for teammates being attacked by Hunters or Smokers and help them out. Your pistols are surprisingly effective in these dire moments.

No-One Left Behind
Gamerpoints: 20
Description: Beat a campaign with all 4 survivors.
Tips: I didn’t think this one was too hard, but some players are having difficulty with it. The trick is to make sure all of your teammates are up and walking at the time the evac vehicle arrives. If anyone is incapacitated ensnared, or pinned, they’ll be left behind. So consider holding near the evac vehicle until all your teammates are inside. If you’re standing inside the vehicle, anyone lagging behind can be abandoned instantly if they run into trouble, giving you no time to stage a rescue attempt. So don’t step inside the vehicle until everyone is okay. Also, it’s best to attempt this on easy or normal difficulties.

Gamerpoints: 20
Description: Blow up 20 infected in a single explosion.
Tips: This one is easy if you have the cooperation of your teammates. A single pipe bomb is sufficient to draw 20 infected prior to the big boom. However, make sure your teammates hold their fire while the pipe bomb is beeping. The more zombies that gather around the pipe bomb, the more likely you are to get this achievement.

Witch Hunter
Gamerpoints: 20
Description: Kill a witch without any survivor taking damage from her.
Tips: Depending on the circumstances, this achievement can be earned at the same time as Cr0wnd or Burn the Witch. If you need Cr0wnd, sneak up behind the Witch and perform the close range shotgun kill for the double achievement. If you need Burn the Witch it’s best to attempt this from a upper level requiring the Witch to climb before reaching you. Smack the Witch with a molotov to earn Burn the Witch, then rapidly blast her until she dies before she can attack you or your teammates to get the Witch Hunter achievement.


Hello, my name is Nando, and I’m a binge gamer

I’m a strange breed of gamer. Most gamers I know are constantly playing one title or another. They’ll burn through title A and finish just in time for title B to come out. Other gamers will play one title for years before they’re ready to move on. And when they do move on, they graduate to their game of choice’s sequel. Halo(s), anyone?

Me? I fall somewhere inbetween. I can get into a game heavily for a month or two then not lift a controller for months. I rarely, if ever, anticipate big titles and I don’t often fall in love with those “charming” niche titles that everyone else seems to adore.(Though I do reserve the right to gush about how much I’m looking forward to Mario Kart for the Wii. There are a few big titles that still draw out the arm-smacking game junkie in me.)

I’m somewhere in the middle. Maybe I’m a binge gamer?

Case in point: I played Marvel Ultimate Alliance to death, yet still never unlocked every Achievement. I played Guitar Hero(s) til my fingertips blistered (not literally, sickos) and my joints cramped (yes, literally) and I still can’t play Free Bird on Expert. Actually, that’s a bad example. Free Bird on Expert should have its own 1000 point Achievement and unlock a kickass medal that you can wear out to get groceries… and then the medal gives you a discount on bandaids that are specifically designed for fingertips. You know, the ones with that weird diaper shape to them? Anyhow, my point is this: I’m not a typical gamer.


*bloop* Achievement Unlocked  Woo hoo!

Sometimes I blame it on my job. After all, how could I possibly play games hardcore during my free time, when I play games hardcore as a career? That’d be like a ninja coming home after a long day of ninjing and using his sword to make a sandwich. Wait… what? Nevermind. Other times I blame it on a lack of titles I’d like to play. Because BioShock, Mass Effect, and Rock Band are just so full of suck. (/sarcasm!) Regardless, I always have one excuse or another when I don’t play games. The beautiful thing is that when one of those rare, irresistable games comes along, those same excuses serve me well.

“How could I not play BioShock? It’s frakkin’ amazing!” or “Come on, babe. I could either do the singing while we’re in the car and get no points or I can sing into my platsic mic under my stage name Eddie Better and score some major pointage. Decide.”

A few months ago I came across one such game that has sucked hours upon hours from my days and lightened my wallet quite a bit… No, I’m not talking about WoW.


(to be continued)


October 2021