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4-D Video Gaming—Part II

As I mentioned last week, I have been impressed by Disney’s Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasters at Disneyland. There are similar attractions at Disney World in Florida as well as at Disneyland Tokyo. Disneyland just opened Toy Story Mania at Disney’s California Adventure. Therefore, in order to keep all of you readers informed on the latest in video gaming, I made the trek down to Anaheim along with my family to check out this new attraction.


Despite a record breaking heat wave in Southern California, and long lines, I finally climbed aboard the ride vehicles. Four people ride two by two, back to back. Each person has a cannon which is fired by pulling a cord and then releasing it. Riders don 3-D glasses and the vehicles stop in front of large screens where they play a variety of games. All of the games are based on carnival style games. Therefore, you will be shooting darts at balloons, launching rings at Little Green Men and rockets, firing balls at plates, and even shooting targets in a wild west town along with Woody.


Targets have different point values with those farther away and moving worth more than the larger and closer targets. Yes, I did say farther away. The games are 3-D, so your projectiles have to travel across the screen to get to the targets. Now you may be wondering what is the 4-D I mention in the title of this blog. That is what makes this attraction even better. When you throw a ring around a rocket, it takes off past you and a blast of air hits you as it goes by. Some of the targets are water balloons, and when they pop, you feel a splash of water.


Finally, each vehicle contains a video monitor located between each pair of riders. It displays your score for the current game, your total score, and even your percentage accuracy. Since this is the newest attraction, the wait for it is usually at least an hour or two depending on the day and time. If you get a chance to visit the Disneyland Resort, be sure to try out Toy Story Mania. It takes video games to a totally new dimension.




4-D Video Gaming

How would it be to actually be inside a video game? Rather than sitting watching the game on a video display, what if you could actually hold the weapon you were firing, ride inside your vehicle, and shoot at actual targets. Even better yet, you could earn a score and use it for bragging rights.


A few years ago, Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasters appeared first at Walt Disney World and then at Disneyland. As both a Disney and video gaming aficionado, I found this attraction a lot of fun. The strategy guide author in me of course had to learn which shapes where the highest scoring targets—the triangles and diamonds are worth a lot more than the squares and circles. And if they target is lit up, you earn even more points. This game is literally a rail shooter. You can turn your spaceship around in order to aim at the targets which are located on aliens, robots, and other objects. What makes it even cooler is that you can email a photo of yourself in the attraction along with your score to your home account, and then forward it to your friends to show what an awesome space range you are. I must admit, my “top ten” score photo stayed as the background on my computer for several months.


If that were not enough, Disney has done it again. Today, Toy Story Mania opens at Disney’s California Adventure at the Disneyland Resort. Like Astro Blasters, this is another shooting gallery attraction. However, this time, you don 3-D glasses and shoot at targets with a spring-loaded weapon which makes it feel like you are actually firing a carnival type game launcher. While you have 3-D graphics, what does the 4-D mean? As a Prima Games author, I have taken it upon myself to find out for you. I am going on assignment to discover the fourth dimension. Watch for my blog next week when I return to report.


If you have had the opportunity to experience this Disney attraction, please let me know what you thought about it.

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