The Legend of Spyro: Dawn of the Dragon Author Tips

The Legend of Spyro: Dawn of the Dragon will soar to store shelves in just over a week. The thrilling conclusion to the popular series finds Spyro and Cynder pitted against the Dark Master himself. With everything at stake in this final confrontation, we thought a few tips were in order.

1. When dealing with Grublins and Winged Grublins, rely on your seize attacks to thrash them into submission.

2. Use Spyro’s Ice Spikes or Cynder’s Venom breath attacks to weigh down a Wyvern’s wings. Once he’s grounded, beat him to a pulp.

3. When taking on Axe Orcs, use Spyro’s Lightning Bolt breath attack to disarm them. As they scramble to pick up their weapon, take advantage of the opening.

4. If you’re looking for a little burst of speed while flying, tap the jump button quickly.

5. For those moments when Grublins have you outnumbered and surrounded, use Terrador’s Sentence or Dragon Dance to thin the herd.

6. Crossbow Orcs are most dangerous at a distance, so get in close and stay there.

7. Trolls are powerful foes, but a jolt of Spyro’s Lightning Bolt breath attack will stun them, if only for a moment.

8. Metal Gates might seem impassable, but Cynder’s Shadow Strike breath attack will allow you slip under them.

9. Snake Skill is a great way to avoid enemy attacks, and it also works while in flight.

10. If you find Spyro low on Life or Mana, try switching to Cynder and vice versa.


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