With two NARUTO titles completed (Ultimate Ninja Storm and Clash of Ninja Revolution 2), I have moved on to the big daddy of fighting game releases for 2009. Street Fighter IV will reportedly release early next year alongside the upcoming movie, but I’ve already had some time with the arcade version, which is what I’ll be basing my initial guide work on. At some point I’ll be heading to Capcom USA to complete the guide, but for now I’m using my experience with the game to lay down the initial ground work. With any luck, the final product will be a guide that teaches newcomers how to become better players and gives the Street Fighter legends a few tips in the process.

I missed out on Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe, but Street Fighter IV will be a welcome change from my last two NARUTO guides. The game seems to borrow from Super Street Fighter II Turbo and Street Fighter III: Third Strike, while still maintaining the feel of a new fighting game.

Hopefully the release of SF4 will kick off another great year for fighting games. Tekken 6 should hopefully be landing on US shores sometime in 2009 and King of Fighters XII, along with a new Samurai Shodown are hitting during the first half of 2009. Now if only Rare would announce a new Killer Instinct, I would have all the fighting games I need to last me until 2010.


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