Fallout, then Fall Over: Guide Creation Blog 02


Two choices to help your Capital Wasteland roaming

A spine an inch thick, and Vault-Tec Approved: Two choices to help in your Capital Wasteland roaming.



Part 02: Meanderings and Overview

I initially received my first build of the game on May 25th, which is when all major social activity (never a major concern for a strategy guide author) was curtailed, and my trip into the Capital Wasteland began. After booting up the PC and 360 versions, I began an intensive, week-long “cursory” play-session, and spoke at length with Pete Hines and Jeff Gardiner at Bethesda about what they wanted the reader to gain from the guide. They deluged me with pile after pile of internal wiki information, and allowed me to bombard the team with a variety of questions, most of which were variations on the “yes, I just discovered this, and it’s freakin’ awesome” theme.


Workload-wise, this guide took approximately 120 days to construct (And that’s not including the sterling work of others who commenced map-making, design, corrections, approval, and printing), and my personal involvement (authoring, screenshots, and doctor visits for more blood-pressure medicine) was approximately 1,100 man-hours. No, I’m not kidding. But I do have a shockingly thorough knowledge of the game, which was great when I wrote it all down in guide form, but is now sloshing uselessly about in my brain, waiting to be forgotten about. I must have about 650 game saves. And time spent actually playing the game? I’d say around 500+ hours. This was by far the most complicated, gigantic, and madcap guide I’ve ever been involved with, and I loved every minute of it.


Once the first week of intensive gameplay was over, I realized – with a creeping sense of both excitement and horror – that I’d only grazed sections of the game, but I’d been having such an entertaining time building the custom weapons, fiddling with skill and perk combinations,  finding devious methods to circumvent the “expected” strategy in a quest, and tried a few of the billions of other lunatic things you can attempt… that I didn’t mind. After some talks with the team at Bethesda (who remained steadfastly patient, enthusiastic, and helpful throughout my Wasteland odyssey) we’d already agreed on the breakdown of the strategy guide. Here’s what the final guide encompasses:


A comprehensive contents page and Foreward by Todd Howard.


A Training section where I mined the brains of designers at Bethesda, and offered meticulous advice on Attributes, Skills, Perks, the dangers of the game world, main tactical advice on V.A.T.S., information on Followers, and (naturally) a complete list of every weapon, outfit, item, Chem, Stimpak and Foodstuff in the game. I love stats, so we got a table with elements like fire-rates, ammo-clip totals, and everything the more deranged gamer needs to figure out which selecting the correct weapon to bring to a Ghoul massacre.


Next up, was a Factions and Bestiary, where the major warring forces of the game got an official back-story, and every single irradiated beast, mutation, and abomination received a thorough inspection. Can you check the health of a Super Mutant, compare it to the damage your favorite boomstick does, and then calculate how many shots it takes to kill one? Most certainly. There’s stats-aplenty.


Chapter 3 and 4 concerned the different Quests you undertake during the game, all of which are optional. These two chapters alone were large enough to be their own strategy guide, and every Karmic effect, Skill or Perk you can utilize at a pertinent point, and all the different outcomes are shown. Yes, including all the endings. Naturally, to avoid massive rage-filled forum posts, Spoilers are flagged throughout. Copious screenshots and Vault Boy iconography were used, as well as flowcharts. Oh yes, lovely, easy-to-read flowcharts showing every main route to try, and the rewards for trying for every single Quest in the game. The flowcharts (dotted throughout the chapters) take up over 30 pages on their own. Did I mention this game is big?


Then matters took a turn for the deranged, as I embarked on Tour of the Capital Wasteland. This sightseer’s guide ballooned into a 200+ page section, but includes maps of every single exploration point, and the major ammunition caches, items – and “other bits” I can’t mention – and an overview map modeled after your Pip-Boy’s. There are major and minor locations, each with a number and a coordinate to ease the cartographically limited. May I suggest a few hours’ study of the insanely dangerous and labyrinthine D.C. Interior and linking underground tunnels? These were mapped at great cost to my sanity over a period of three weeks.


Accompanying this Tour is a double-sided, movie-sized poster pinpointing every single location in the Capital Wasteland. I recommend studying it for a good 15-20 minutes to let it all soak in. I’ve never played a game with more locations that needed to be pinpointed correctly.


Tucked at the back of the book are the endings, so it’s wise to skip past those pages and gaze at the 20+ Appendices, which basically give you Achievement advice, and locations of everything even vaguely seen as “collectible”. Precise locations are shown, and a month’s worth of cross-referencing work went into all of it.


Decided to purchase the special Pre-War Collector’s Edition? Then, aside from a Hardback cover and a bigger map poster, you get an extra section packed with exclusive art, team interviews, additional team tactics, easter egg information, a half-dozen “Wasteland Wanderers” showcasing the entertaining and sometimes frightening way some of Bethesda’s team cultivated their characters, all finished off rather pleasantly by an Afterword by Moira Brown. Who’s she? Owner of the Craterside Supply, don’t you know.


Ready your coffee table for reinforcement; the Pre-War Collector’s guide clocks in at 498 pages.


Come back next time, where we reveal a little more information, and you’ll realize just how much of a job sabbatical you’ll need to take to make a dent in this behemoth of a game.




45 Responses to “Fallout, then Fall Over: Guide Creation Blog 02”

  1. 1 KarlG
    October 6, 2008 at 1:39 pm

    Hi i was wondering what your paper quality is like? I’ve had guides which have had wafer thin paper and ink which comes off as soon as you touch it. I’m a collector so i like to keep them in good condition. So is the paper good quality of not? Thanks. I’m buying it either way, just want to know what to expect as it seems good value for money.

  2. 2 TazmanDOA
    October 6, 2008 at 4:41 pm

    Wow…. and i thought my job was stressful.
    seriously, just trying to close your eyes without seeing fallout must be considered a major feat in life.
    the Guide sounds VERY well developed and very useful. I love the idea of having damage to HP stats.
    that way i will know just how many bullets to put in my pocket before i go on a raid!
    Great work! Cant wait!

  3. 3 Novangel
    October 6, 2008 at 7:33 pm

    I feel sorry for you. I am so buying the collector’s edition, better reinforce the coffe table, and my thigh bones might break while reading this.

  4. 4 jeffrey
    October 6, 2008 at 9:17 pm

    when does the guide come out?

  5. 5 Goldmouse
    October 7, 2008 at 1:19 pm

    I have already pre-ordered the Fallout 3 Collector’s Edition: Prima Official Game Guide,Fallout 3: Amazon.com Exclusive Survival Edition and a extra Fallout 3 DVD all PC additions. After reading that Bethesda Softworks is not having intrusive DRM in on there game caused me to go out Pre-order another game as a thank you for them thinking about us gamers. As long as they always provide games without the intrusive DRM. I will always be there customer. Bethesda Softworks thank you for being better then those other software companies.

  6. 6 Darim
    October 7, 2008 at 3:46 pm

    This sounds great, already pre-ordered aswell. The collectors edition. Just wondering though, will it fit into my lunchbox with all the other goodies? That’d be great!

  7. 7 patriot
    October 7, 2008 at 3:46 pm

    So, the version pictured on the right is the Pre-War Collector’s Edition? Does it come with the Collector’s Edition of the game, or only by itself?

  8. 8 Decoy
    October 7, 2008 at 9:16 pm

    Almost 500 pages! Damn. And I thought Air Force training manuals were bad. I’m definitely buying the collectors edition for all those goodies but mostly for the hard back cover. Soft cover guides don’t last too long with me. I don’t know about everyone else but I thank you and your team for the work you have done on what must have been the most tasking, but greatly appreciated, guide to date.

  9. 9 sothothyog
    October 7, 2008 at 10:21 pm

    Firstly, thanks for all the kind responses. Here are the answers that I’m able to provide:

    Both guides should feature excellent ink and paper quality. Bethesda and Prima wouldn’t have it any other way. If you go to a local game store and check out a Zelda Twilight Princess guide, I’d use that as an example of the Pre-War Guide’s “quality”. Although the Fallout 3 guide has a different cover treatment, and is thicker!

    The guide is available at exactly the same time as the game – October 28th. If you’re going to a game store to purchase the game, the initial shipment of the guide should be there.

    The guide is the “usual” dimensions for a strategy guide, so you may have trouble squeezing it into that lunch box! I recommend a Follower to carry it….

    The guide on the right is the Pre-War Collector’s Edition of the guide. The Collector’s Edition of the game is different. They are separate.

    Yes, the hardback cover (which features some great “war torn” elements to it – you’ll love the back cover, too… won’t spoil the surprise, but you’ll crack a smile!) was created with more of a longevity plan in mind.

    Also note that all of the maps that appear in one place on the poster, also appear throughout the Tour chapter, too. Hopefully I’ll be back with a bit more information shortly. Cheers!


  10. October 8, 2008 at 3:05 am

    I just wanted to say thank you so much for making such a informed guide. I have already preordered the collecters edition and paid it off. I just love to read the guides and at nealry 500 pages long I will have a whole lot to read. Thank you so much for doing that I hate it when you get a guide and its really short and theres not alot of info in it. So thank you for all your hard work it is well appriciated thank you again.

  11. October 9, 2008 at 8:10 am

    i will take a copy of the uniquely designed one on the right!!!

  12. 12 MRCNRY
    October 9, 2008 at 1:37 pm

    i hope the guide is designed like vault-tec made it . make it look authentic. kind of like the way that the nuclear survival guide fallout 3 gave out at PAX.

  13. 13 jeffrey
    October 9, 2008 at 9:31 pm

    cool thanks for response im gonna buy it after like 2 weeks of playing the game as not to ruin it at all. looks like a great guide!

  14. 14 jeffrey
    October 9, 2008 at 9:32 pm

    sry for double posting but are the two on top different?

  15. 15 sothothyog
    October 10, 2008 at 9:03 am

    In terms of design, the guide (which was designed by Prima and Bethesda) has elements of this. It looks similar in some ways to the official Fallout web-site. So yes, it shares some elements, but has to be functional too.

    Yes, aside from the cover, there are some differences between the two guides.
    1. The “Pre-War” Limited Edition guide has a hardback cover.
    2. It has a larger map poster.
    3. It has an additional chapter at the rear of the book with interviews, easter eggs, art, “wasteland wanderers”, and an Afterword by Moira Brown.
    4. It has a different “inside front/back cover” treatment.

    Regarding strategies, the rest of the book is the same.

    Hope that helps.



  16. 16 jeffrey
    October 10, 2008 at 5:33 pm

    cool thank you for responding again cuz i am like dieing for fallout 3 i have like no money and have beenh trying soooooooo hard to get smoe but i cant cuz i need an xbox 360 to play cuz the graphics card costs like 300 bucks for my pc so i gotta wait for a dreaded 76 days be4 i get it its like all i think about and breathe and basicly my new life!

  17. 17 Dr.Kriptonic
    October 16, 2008 at 5:03 pm

    Just wondering on what kind of price range are we talking about i am going to get the guide when i pick up the game i just don’t know how much to bring.

  18. 18 eldermage
    October 18, 2008 at 1:32 pm

    Man, your life rocks. 🙂

  19. 19 Bendix
    October 23, 2008 at 10:48 am

    Hey all…. I was wondering if any info is available regarding other countries and release dates… I live in S.A and already know the release date for the game.. we have a Distributor her that is quite on the ball so i have the lunchbox/bobble head addition on pre-order already, the question is when and if the guide will become available in S.A. dunno if maybe you would be able to find out…. i Was able to get a guide for GTAIV in a local C.N.A so I’m thinking of starting my quest for your guide there….. one last thing… would you suggest playing the game first and only using the guide when you’re stuck.. read the guide first or try your best at the game the read the guide then reply the game…. not to say it won’t be replayed i suspect it’s going to have MAJOR raplay value…. Thank you in advance out of S.A…. Bendix

  20. November 13, 2008 at 1:48 pm

    Just wanted to say- GREAT BLOG MAN!

  21. 21 travb
    November 18, 2008 at 1:58 pm

    Why no index? What does Prima have against indexes? This is the second Prima guide I bought with no index.

    In a couple of hours I was able to do what the complete team of Bethesda Softworsk couldn’t: create an index for this book. I bet they feel like complete jack***es now.

    Abandoned Car Fort (lat – 24/long 14) (Zone 1) 266
    Abominations 53
    Achievements (Xbox 360 only) (appendix) 455
    Action Points 8
    Advice and Training, General 28
    Agatha’s House (lat 01/long 08) (Zone 5) 312
    Agatha’s Song (Miscellaneous Quests) 235
    Agility 7
    Alexandria Arms (lat – 07/long -17) (Zone 9) 384
    Anacostia Crossing (lat – 19/long -16) (Zone 9) 392
    Anacostia Crossing Station (Seward Sq Southeast) (Zone 18) 432
    Anchorage Memorial (lat – 10/long -07) (Zone 9) 377
    Andale (lat-05/long-17) (Zone 367
    Animals 54
    Animals, Mutated 53
    AntAgonizer’s Lair (lat 17/long 12) (Zone 6) 325
    Appendices 455
    Arefu (lat – 11/long 06) (Zone 5) 313
    Arlington / Falls Church Metro (Cemetery South) (Zone 16) 418
    Arlington / Falls Church Metro (North) (Zone 19) 435
    Arlington / Wasteland Metro (Cemetery North) (Zone 16) 417
    Arlington House (Zone 16) 417
    Arlington Library (lat – 08/long -19) (Zone 9) 392
    Arlington Utility (Cemetery North) (Zone 16) 417
    Armor, Apparel, and Clothing 37, 43
    Auto Shop (Takoma Motors) (Zone 13) 409
    Baby carriage, traps 34
    Barter Skill Book: Tales of a Junktown Jerky Vendor (24) (appendix) 460
    Baseball pitchers, traps 34
    Bear traps 34
    Bethesda Ruins (lat 05/long 03) (Zone 6) 331
    Big Book of Science [Science Skill Book] (25) (appendix) 462
    Big Guns Skill Book: US Army: 30 Handy Flamethrower Recipes (25) (appendix) 460
    Big Guns, Weapon types 33
    Big Town (lat – 04/long 03) (Zone 5) 314
    Big Trouble in Big Town (Miscellaneous Quests) 130
    Blood Ties (Miscellaneous Quests) 184
    Blowing up cars, vehicular manslaughter 34
    Bobbleheads (20) (appendix) 456
    Books, Pre-War (98) (appendix) 459
    Broadcast Tower KB5 (lat – 23/long 20) (Zone 1) 264
    Broadcast Tower KT8 (lat – 26/long 09) (Zone 4) 296
    Broadcast Tower LP8 (lat – 04/long 24) (Zone 2) 275
    Brotherhood of Steel 46, 49
    Brotherhood Outcast 46, 50
    Bunker (Zone 17) 425
    Cannibals (The Family) 48
    Canterbury Commons (lat 18/long 11) (Zone 6) 326
    Capital Wasteland, Available Collectibles 253
    Capital Wasteland, General Encounters 253
    Capital Wasteland, Overview 252, 253
    Capitol Building East Entrance (Zone 18) 431
    Capitol Building West Entrance (Zone 17) 429
    Carry Weight 8
    Cars, blowing up, vehicular manslaughter 34
    Chain traps 34
    Character Development 24
    Character Examples 24
    Charisma 6
    Charnel House (lat – 21/long -04) (Zone 7) 341
    Chaste Acres Dairy Farm (lat – 15/long 24) (Zone 3) 288
    Chems 37
    Chems and Comestibles 45
    CHEVY CHASE OVERVIEW (Zone 10) 398
    Chinese Army: Spec Ops Training Manual [Sneak Skill Book] (25) (appendix) 463
    Chinese Remnant Army 48
    Chinese Remnant Soldier 49
    Chryslus Building (lat 08/long -01) (Zone 6) 332
    Cliff top Shacks (lat 00/long 26) (Zone 2) 274
    Cliffside Cavern (lat -10/long -17) (Zone 367
    Clothing 37
    Collapsed Car Tunnel (North) (Zone 11) 401
    Collapsed Car Tunnel (South) (Zone 11) 401
    Collectibles 40
    Comestibles and Chems 45
    Corvega Factory (lat 16/long 05) (Zone 6) 329
    Critical Chance 9
    Custom Weapon 39
    Custom Weapons (23) (appendix) 459
    Damage Resistance 9
    DC Journal of Internal Medicine [Medicine Skill Book] (25) (appendix) 461
    DC Metropolitan Ruins, Interior (Zone 10 to 21) 398
    DC Ruins, Inside the 32
    DCTA Tunnel 014-B Potomac (Zone 14) 411
    Dean’s Electronics [Repair Skill Book] (25) (appendix) 462
    Deathclaw Sanctuary (lat – 22/long 20) (Zone 1) 264
    Derived Statistics 8
    Dickerson Tabernacle Chapel (lat – 19/long 19) (Zone 1) 265
    Display tweaks, pip-boy 29
    Drowned Devil’s Crossing (lat – 14/long 18) (Zone 1) 266
    Dry Sewer (Entrance) (Zone 11) 402
    Duck and Cover! [Explosives Skill Book] (25) (appendix) 461
    Dukov’s Place (lat – 11/long-08) (Zone 9) 378
    Dunwich Building (lat – 26/long -18) (Zone 7) 346
    DUPONT CIRCLE (Zone 11) 400
    Dupont Circle Station (Zone 11) 401
    Enclave 46
    Enclave 50
    Ending it All (Main Quest) 453
    Endurance 6
    Energy Weapons Skill Book: Nikola Tesla and You (25) (appendix) 460
    Energy Weapons, Weapon types 33
    Escape! (Main Quest) 57
    Everglow National Campground (lat – 23/long 05) (Zone 4) 298
    Evergreen Mills (lat – 18/long -07) (Zone 7) 342
    Experience Points 30
    Explosives Skill Book: Duck and Cover! (25) (appendix) 461
    F Scott Key Trail & Campground (lat – 27/long-15) (Zone 7) 345
    Faded Pomp Estates (lat – 17/long 15) (Zone 1) 266
    Fairfax Ruins (lat -04/lang -12) (Zone 367
    FALLS CHURCH (Zone 19) 434
    Falls Church / Mason District Metro (Franklin Station) (Zone 20) 438
    Falls Church/Mason District Metro (Falls Church Metro) (Zone 19)
    Family, The 48
    Farragut West Metro Station (lat – 07/long-04) (Zone 9) 376
    Fat Men (9) (appendix) 456
    Fat Men Shells: Mini-Nukes (71) (appendix) 456
    Feral Ghouls 54
    Finding the Garden of Eden (Main Quest) 113
    Five Axles Rest Stop (lat – 21/long 10) (Zone 4) 295
    Flashlight [Pip-Boy, Other Functionality] 32
    Flooded Metro (Capital Wasteland: lat 08/long -08) (Zone 9) 377
    Flooded Metro (lat – 04/long-18) (Zone 9) 392
    Flooded Metro (Mason District South) (Zone 20) 439
    Foggy Bottom Station (Dupont West) (Zone 11) 402
    Foggy Bottom Station (Exterior) (Zone 14) 412
    Followers 38
    Following in His Footsteps (Main Quest) 65
    Fordham Flash Memorial Field (lat – 08/long 04) (Zone 5) 314
    Fort Bannister (lat – 18/long -01) (Zone 4) 302
    Fort Constantine (lat – 17/long 26) (Zone 1) 261
    Fort Independence (lat -06/long -13) (Zone 365
    Freedom Street Station (Penn Ave North) (Zone 15) 414
    Freedom Street Station (Vernon Square Station) (Zone 12) 405
    Freeform Mini-Encounters, Placed 254
    Friendship Heights Metro Station (lat 14/long-03) (Zone 6) 334
    Galaxy News Radio (Main Quest) 74
    Galaxy News Radio (Zone 10) 399
    Galaxy News Radio Building (Rear Exit) (Zone 11) 400
    Game difficulty 29
    Gas leaks, traps 34
    General Training and Advice 28
    GEORGETOWN (Zone 14) 411
    Georgetown / The Mall Metro (Georgetown South) (Zone 14) 412
    Georgetown / The Mall Metro (Northwest) (Zone 17) 421
    Germantown Police Headquarters (lat – 02/long 13) (Zone 5) 307
    Ghoul 51
    Ghouls (Non Feral Underworld) 48
    Girdershade (lat – 26/long -11) (Zone 7) 343
    Going on Maneuvers 35
    Grayditch (lat – 05/long -09) (Zone 9) 379
    Greener Pastures Disposal Site (lat – 07/long 21) (Zone 3) 289
    Grenade Boquets, traps 34
    Grenades, Weapon types 33
    Grisly Diner (lat – 13/long 20) (Zone 3) 289
    Grocer (Zone 14) 411
    Grognak the Barbarian [Melee Weapons Skill Book] (25) (appendix) 462
    Guns and Bullets [Small Guns Skill Book] (25) (appendix) 463
    Hallowed Moors Cemetery (lat – 04/long 09) (Zone 5) 310
    Hamilton’s Hideaway (lat – 07/long 07) (Zone 5) 309
    Hazmat Disposal Site 15 (L’Enfant Plaza) (Zone 21) 440
    Hazmat Disposal Site L5 (Zone 17) 421
    Head of State (Miscellaneous Quests) 172
    Healing, Trading, and Repairing 36
    Health 9
    Health and Chems 37
    Holotapes and Notes, 32
    Holotapes: Keller and Replicated Man (24) (appendix) 464
    Hotel (Zone 15) 415
    House, A Place to Call “Hovel” 38
    Hubris Comics Publishing (Zone 20) 437
    Insects, Mutated 52
    Inside the DC Ruins 32
    Intelligence 6
    Interior DC Metropolitan Ruins (Zone 10 to 21) 398
    Irradiated Metro (lat – 13/long -13) (Zone 9) 384
    Irradiated Metro (L’Enfant South) (Zone 21) 440
    Jalbert Brothers Waste Disposal (lat – 18/long 03) (Zone 4) 302
    Jefferson Memorial (lat – 13/long -17) (Zone 9) 385
    Jocko’s Pop & Gas Stop (lat – 22/long -12) (Zone 7) 344
    Jury Street Metro Station (lat – 10/long-03) (Zone 5) 318
    Kaelyn’s Bed & Breakfast (lat – 09/long 02) (Zone 5) 316
    Karma 29
    Keller and Replicated Man Holotapes (24) (appendix) 464
    La Maison Beauregard Lobby (Zone 14) 413
    Lady Frumperton’s Fashions (Zone 11) 401
    L’Enfant Plaza (Zone 21) 439
    Lincoln Memorial Maintenance Room (Lincoln Memorial) (Zone 17) 420
    Linking Underground Locations (DC Ruins) (Zone U) 442
    Little Lamplight (lat – 26/long 02) (Zone 4) 298
    Littlehorn and Associates 48
    LOB Enterprises (Zone 19) 435
    Lockpick Skill Book: Tumblers Today (25) (appendix) 461
    Luck 7
    Lying, Congressional Style [Speech Skill Book] (25) (appendix) 463
    Madame Jeolle’s Shop (Zone 21) 440
    Main Quest 57
    Mama Dolce’s Processed Foods (Zone 16) 418
    Map Overview and Legend 252
    Mapping the Capital Wasteland 31
    Marigold Station (Falls Church Metro) (Zone 19) 434
    Marigold Station (lat – 06/long -11) (Zone 9) 380
    MASON DISTRICT (Zone 20) 437
    Mason Dixon Salvage (lat – 14/long 21) (Zone 1) 265
    MDPL Mass Relay Station (lat – 17/long 10) (Zone 4) 295
    MDPL-05 Power Station (lat – 27/long 25) (Zone 1) 260
    MDPL-13 Power Station (lat 02/long 17) (Zone 2) 278
    MDPL-16 Power Station (lat – 18/long 24) (Zone 3) 289
    MDPL-21 Power Station (lat – 10/long 26) (Zone 2) 274
    Medicine Skill Book: DC Journal of Internal Medicine (25) (appendix) 461
    Megaton (lat -01/long -06) (Zone 364
    Melee and Unarmed Damage 10
    Melee Weapons Skill Book: Grognak the Barbarian (25) (appendix) 462
    Melee Weapons, Weapon types 33
    Menu Information, Initial 29
    Meresti Trainyard (lat – 01/long 07) (Zone 5) 310
    Metro Central (Exterior) (Zone 15) 415
    Metro Junction (Chevy Chase East) (Zone 10) 398
    Metro Junction (Northeast) (Zone 11) 402
    Metro Junction (Vernon Square North) (Zone 12) 403
    Metro Junction (Vernon Square Station) (Zone 12) 405
    Metro Junction (Zone 11) 400
    Minefield (lat – 04/long 14) (Zone 3) 290
    Mines, traps 34
    Mines, Weapon types 33
    Mini-Encounters Only, All Zones 253
    Mini-Encounters, Eighty-two 254
    Mini-Encounters, Placed Freeform 254
    Mini-Nukes (Fat Men Shells) (71) (appendix) 456
    Mirelurk Nesting Hole (Zone 17) 421
    Miscellaneous Quests
    Montgomery County Reservoir (lat – 06/long 22) (Zone 2) 275
    Moonbeam Outdoor Cinema (lat – 06/long 05) (Zone 5) 314
    Mount Mabel Campground (lat – 21/long 17) (Zone 1) 265
    Movement Speed 11
    Museum of History Entrance (Zone 17) 422
    Museum of History: Underworld (Zone 17) 423
    Museum of Technology (Zone 17) 426
    Museum Station (The Mall) (Zone 17) 422
    Museum Station (Zone 17) 425
    Mutated Animals 53
    Mutated Insects 52
    My House: A Place to Call “Hovel” 38
    National Guard Depot (lat 18/long -03) (Zone 6) 335
    Nifty Thrifty’s (Zone 13) 409
    Nikola Tesla and You [Energy Weapons Skill Book] (25) (appendix) 460
    Northwest Seneca Station (lat – 10/long 09) (Zone 5) 308
    Notes and Holotapes, 32
    Nuka-Cola Plant (lat-01/long-19) (Zone 370
    Nuka-Cola Quantum (94) (appendix) 458
    Oasis (lat – 03/long 28) (Zone 2) 271
    Oasis (Miscellaneous Quests) 193
    Office Building (#1) (Zone 19) 434
    Office Building (#2) (Zone 19) 435
    Office Building (Talon Artillery Strike Point) (Zone 18) 431
    Offices of the Capitol Post (Zone 21) 440
    Old Olney (lat – 10/long 26) (Zone 3) 285
    Our Lady of Hope Hospital (Zone 12) 406
    Paradise Falls (lat – 09/long 16) (Zone 2) 275
    Penn Ave / Georgetown Metro (Georgetown East) (Zone 14) 413
    Penn Ave / Georgetown Metro (Penn Ave Northwest) (Zone 15) 415
    Penn Ave / Seward Sq Metro (Penn Ave East) (Zone 15) 415
    Penn Ave / Seward Sq Metro (Seward Square North) (Zone 18) 431
    Penn Ave / The Mall Metro (The Mall Northeast) (Zone 17) 429
    Penn Ave/The Mall Metro (Penn Ave South) (Zone 15) 415
    Perception 5
    Perks Overview 14
    Picking up the Trail (Main Quest) 101
    Pickpocketing 36
    Pip-Boy, Other Functionality 32
    Plans for Successful Character Development 24
    Poison and Radiation Resistance 10
    Pre-War Books (98) (appendix) 459
    Primary Locations (Zone 1) 259
    Primary Locations (Zone 11) 400
    Primary Locations (Zone 12) 403
    Primary Locations (Zone 13) 409
    Primary Locations (Zone 14) 411
    Primary Locations (Zone 15) 414
    Primary Locations (Zone 16) 416
    Primary Locations (Zone 17) 420
    Primary Locations (Zone 18) 431
    Primary Locations (Zone 19) 434
    Primary Locations (Zone 2) 271
    Primary Locations (Zone 20) 437
    Primary Locations (Zone 21) 439
    Primary Locations (Zone 3) 283
    Primary Locations (Zone 4) 295
    Primary Locations (Zone 5) 307
    Primary Locations (Zone 6) 325
    Primary Locations (Zone 7) 341
    Primary Locations (Zone 357
    Primary Locations (Zone 9) 376
    Primary Statistics, S.P.E.C.I.A.L.! 4, 5
    Project Complete: Aftermath 453
    Pugilism Illustrated [Unarmed Skill Book] (25) (appendix) 464
    Quantum, Nuka-Cola (94) (appendix) 458
    Quest-Related Perks 23
    Radiation and Poison Resistance 10
    Radiation King (Zone 14) 412
    Radio Waves 32
    Raiders 47, 50
    Raven Rock (lat – 28/long 28) (Zone 1) 260
    Reclining Groves Resort Homes (lat – 02/long 20) (Zone 2) 275
    Red Racer Factory (lat – 02/long -15) (Zone 369
    Regulators 48
    Reilly’s Rangers (Miscellaneous Quests) 244
    Reilly’s Rangers 47
    Reilly’s Rangers Compound (Zone 18) 432
    Relay Tower KX-B8-11 (lat – 15/long 20) (Zone 3) 289
    Repair Skill Book: Dean’s Electronics (25) (appendix) 462
    Repairing, Healing, and Trading 36
    Repeating Encounters (Moving) 257
    Repeating Encounters (Static) 256
    Replicated Man and Keller Holotapes (24) (appendix) 464
    Rescue from Paradise (Main Quest) 107
    Resistance, Radiation and Poison 10
    Rigged Shotguns, traps 34
    Rigged terminal, traps 34
    Rivet City (lat – 18/long-17) (Zone 9) 386
    RobCo Facility (lat – 14/long -15) (Zone 7) 345
    Robots 54
    Rock Creek Caverns (lat 14/long -02) (Zone 6) 334
    Rockbreaker’s Last Gas (lat – 21/long 08) (Zone 4) 296
    Roosevelt Academy (lat – 17/long 14) (Zone 1) 266
    S.P.E.C.I.A.L.! 4, 5
    SatCom Array NN-03d (lat – 13/long 25) (Zone 2) 273
    SatCom Array NW-05a (lat – 22/long 25) (Zone 1) 260
    SatCom Array NW-07c (lat – 28/long 20) (Zone 1) 263
    Saving 29
    Scavenging 36
    Schematics: Creating a Custom Weapon 39
    Schematics: Custom Weapons (23) (appendix) 459
    Science Skill Book: Big Book of Science (25) (appendix) 462
    Scientific Pursuits (Main Quest) 81
    Scrapyard (lat 05/long 09) (Zone 6) 328
    Scribe Pre-War Books (98) (appendix) 459
    Secondary Locations (Zone 1) 268
    Secondary Locations (Zone 10) 400
    Secondary Locations (Zone 11) 402
    Secondary Locations (Zone 12) 408
    Secondary Locations (Zone 13)- 410
    Secondary Locations (Zone 14) 413
    Secondary Locations (Zone 15)
    Secondary Locations (Zone 16) 419
    Secondary Locations (Zone 17) 430
    Secondary Locations (Zone 18) 433
    Secondary Locations (Zone 19) 436
    Secondary Locations (Zone 2) 279
    Secondary locations (Zone 20) 439
    Secondary Locations (Zone 21) 440
    Secondary Locations (Zone 3) 292
    Secondary Locations (Zone 4) 304
    Secondary Locations (Zone 5) 321
    Secondary Locations (Zone 6) 337
    Secondary Locations (Zone 7) 353
    Secondary Locations (Zone 372
    Secondary Locations (Zone 9) 394
    Settlements, Hostile 35
    SEWARD SQUARE (Zone 18) 431
    Sewer (Penn Ave) (Zone 15) 414
    Sewer (Seward Square) (Zone 18) 432
    Sewer (Zone 12) 408
    Sewer Entrance (Zone 12) 405
    Sewer Waystation (lat – 04/long -08) (Zone 9) 376
    Shalebridge (lat – 26/long 12) (Zone 4) 295
    Shop (Madame Jeolle’s) (Zone 21) 440
    Shotguns, rigged; traps 34
    Skill Book: Big Book of Science [Science] (25) (appendix) 462
    Skill Book: Chinese Army: Spec Ops Training Manual [Sneak] (25) (appendix) 463
    Skill Book: DC Journal of Internal Medicine [Medicine] (25) (appendix) 461
    Skill Book: Dean’s Electronics [Repair] (25) (appendix) 462
    Skill Book: Duck and Cover! [Explosives] (25) (appendix) 461
    Skill Book: Grognak the Barbarian [Melee Weapons] (25) (appendix) 462
    Skill Book: Guns and Bullets [Small Guns] (25) (appendix) 463
    Skill Book: Lying, Congressional Style [Speech] (25) (appendix) 463
    Skill Book: Nikola Tesla and You [Energy Weapons] (25) (appendix) 460
    Skill Book: Pugilism Illustrated [Unarmed] (25) (appendix) 464
    Skill Book: Tales of a Junktown Jerky Vendor [Barter] (24) (appendix) 460
    Skill Book: Tumblers Today [Lockpick] (25) (appendix) 461
    Skill Book: US Army: 30 Handy Flamethrower Recipes [Big Guns] (25) (appendix) 460
    Skills Overview 11
    Slavers 48, 51
    Slaves (Abolitionists) 48
    Sleeping (and Waiting) 37
    Small Guns Skill Book: Guns and Bullets (25) (appendix) 463
    Small Guns, Weapon types 33
    Smith Casey’s Garage (lat – 22/long -08) (Zone 7) 341
    Sneak Skill Book: Chinese Army: Spec Ops Training Manual (25) (appendix) 463
    Sneaking 35
    Speech Skill Book: Lying, Congressional Style (25) (appendix) 463
    Speed 11
    Springvale (lat-02/long -04) (Zone 359
    Springvale School (lat – 01/long -01) (Zone 5) 319
    Statistics, Derived 8
    Stealing 35
    Stealing Independence (Miscellaneous Quests) 222
    Stealth Boy 35
    Strength 5
    Strictly Business (Miscellaneous Quests) 211
    Sunken Sewer (Zone 11) 402
    Super Mutants 47
    Super-Duper Mart (lat – 04/long -04) (Zone 9) 376
    Superhuman Gambit (Miscellaneous Quests) 136
    Survival Guide, Wasteland (Miscellaneous Quests) 143
    Take It Back! (Main Quest) 126
    Takoma Industrial Factory (Zone 13) 409
    TAKOMA PARK (Zone 13) 409
    Tales of a Junktown Jerky Vendor [Barter Skill Book] (24) (appendix) 460
    Talon Company Mercenary 51
    Talon Mercenary Company 46
    Temple of the Union (lat – 13/long 15) (Zone 3) 291
    Tenleytown / Friendship Station (Chevy Chase North) (Zone 10) 398
    Tenpenny Tower (lat -16/long -17) (Zone 7) 349
    Tenpenny Tower (Miscellaneous Quests) 203
    Tepid Sewer (Georgetown West) (Zone 14) 411
    Tepid Sewers (lat – 11/long -07) (Zone 9) 378
    Terminal, rigged; traps 34
    The American Dream (Main Quest) 120
    The Citadel (lat – 08/long-14) (Zone 9) 380
    THE MALL (Zone 17) 420
    The National Archives (Front Entrance) (Zone 17) 427
    The National Archives (Rear Entrance) (Zone 17) 427
    The Nuka-Cola Challenge (Miscellaneous Quests) 166
    The Overlook Drive-In (lat -08/long -18) (Zone 370
    The Power of the Atom (Miscellaneous Quests) 197
    The Replicated Man (Miscellaneous Quests) 178
    The Republic of Dave (lat – 19/long 27) (Zone 3) 286
    The Silver Lining Drive-In (lat – 15/long 17) (Zone 1) 266
    The Statesman Hotel (Zone 12) 407
    The Washington Monument (Zone 17) 422
    Those! (Miscellaneous Quests) 159
    Topographical Overview (Zone U) 442
    Townhome (McClellan Household) (Zone 14) 412
    Trading, Healing, and Repairing 36
    Training and Advice, General 28
    Tranquility Lane (Main Quest) 88
    Traps 34
    Trouble on the Homefront (Miscellaneous Quests) 230
    Tumblers Today [Lockpick Skill Book] (25) (appendix) 461
    Unarmed Damage 10
    Unarmed Skill Book: Pugilism Illustrated (25) (appendix) 464
    Unarmed Weapons, Weapon types 33
    Underground Locations (Zone U) 442
    Underworld Ghouls (Non Feral) 48
    Unique Encounters (Moving) 255
    Unique Encounters (Static) 254
    Unique Weapons and Outfits (89) (appendix) 457
    US Army: 30 Handy Flamethrower Recipes [Big Guns Skill Book] (25) (appendix) 460
    Vampires (The Family) 48
    VAPL-58 Power Station (lat – 14/long 03) (Zone 4) 302
    VAPL-66 Power Station (lat – 23/long -14) (Zone 7) 344
    VAPL-84 Power Station (lat – 15/long -12) (Zone 7) 345
    VATS and Running and Gunning 33
    Vault 101 (lat -04/long -04) (Zone 359
    Vault 106 (lat – 09/long 01) (Zone 5) 316
    Vault 108 (lat 18/long 06) (Zone 6) 330
    Vault 87 (lat – 28/long 06) (Zone 4) 296
    Vault 92 (lat – 08/long 27) (Zone 3) 283
    Vault Dwellers 47
    Vault-Tec Headquarters (Guest Relations) (Zone 12) 404
    Vehicular Manslaughter 34
    Vernon East /Takoma Park (Vernon Square East) (Zone 12) 404
    Vernon East/Takoma Park (Takoma Park Exterior) (Zone 13) 409
    VERNON SQUARE (Zone 12) 403
    VITAL Statistics, Measuring your 252
    Waiting 37
    Warrington Station (Exterior: lat -18/long -19) (Zone 7) 348
    Warrington Trainyard (lat – 20/long -17) (Zone 7) 348
    Wasteland Factions 46
    Wasteland Survival Guide (Miscellaneous Quests) 143
    Wastelander (non-Feral) and Ghoul 51
    Wastelanders 48
    Waters of Life (Main Quest) 94
    Weapon Types 33
    Weapons 41
    Welcome to the Capital Wasteland 4, 252
    Wheaton Armory (lat 10/long 08) (Zone 6) 328
    White House Utility Tunnel (Zone 15) 414
    Wilhelm’s Whorf (lat – 07/long -07) (Zone 9) 377
    WKML Broadcast Station (lat – 17/long 18) (Zone 1) 265
    Work Benches 37
    Xbox 360 Achievements (appendix) 455
    Yao Guai Tunnels (lat – 28/long -04) (Zone 7) 341
    You Gotta Shoot ‘Em in the Head (Miscellaneous Quests) 216
    Your House: A Place to Call “Hovel” 38

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