Following up on sothothyog’s rundown of his work on Fallout 3 I must add this:

Have you heard of white dwarf stars? They have the capability of squeezing an extraordinary amount of mass into a surprisingly small space. Imagine being able to fit the entire North American continent into a tupperware container the size of a thimble and you won’t even have begun to visualize what the gravitation of a white dwarf can do.

Fallout 3 has an extraordinary amount of content. Searching it all out and writing it all down would have driven Sothothyog completely mental if he weren’t already mad. Take all those words and squeeze them down into a book you can comfortably carry in two hands (large, strong hands) and you’ll have an idea of the white dwarf super-powers of our book designers.

Tome is the right word. As is “massive,” “giganormous,” and “for sale soon.”

You say you don’t want to miss anything in Fallout 3? (And trust me, you don’t.) Then you need this guide.


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