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“May the Force Blow Your Mind”

I saw that tag line in a commercial for Star Wars: The Force Unleashed recently and it instantly brought back a flood of memories from my time with the game(s). I think I sometimes take it for granted that I get to play these games months before they come out and am often caught off-guard when a game actually releases. Given the fact that I’ve been living in a Star Wars worldas of late (yes, be jealous), it was easy to go on about my daily life thinking that everyone had already experienced the awesome that is Star Wars: The Force Unleashed… or SWTFU as we cool kids call it.

Anyhow, for those of you lucky enough to wield the Force for the first time, here are three quick tips to help you along the way.

1. Combo, Combo, Combo! This is not a button-masher, ladies and gents. The control system is complex and takes some practice to master, but once you do, nothing can stop you. Combos like Leaping Slam and Sith Saber Smash are extremely effective against tall enemies.

2. Combine your skills. What good is the ability to pick up and throw enemies with the Force if all you do is use your lightsaber? Combine your ‘saber skills and Force powers to formulate some awesome combos. Force Push and Saber Sling, for example, are a great one-two punch for dispatching enemies from afar.

3. Upgrade your abilities! Not only can you wield the Force, but you can also tailor it to suit your fighting style. If you find that you prefer one Force ability over another, then increase that power’s strength to become a better assassin.

Bonus Tip: Take advantage of your amazing destructive powers. You are, after all, Sith. Nearly all of the environments in the game are destructible! As you go, tear the environment apart. Remove wall panels, cut down trees (in-game tip only! plant them IRL), destroy sarlacc teeth until your heart’s content. etc. to find all of the hidden Holocrons throughout the games. Sometimes, the only way to find a Holocron is to destroy the environment, so have at it!

Enjoy the Force, friends. And yes, “May the Force Blow Your Mind!” It did mine.


Talk Like A Pirate Day!

Ahoy, lubbers! Today is a great day.  In preparation for the long awaited Ninjas Vs Pirates battle, the Pirates have come together in a single uniting event.  It is TLAPD, or for the uninitiated, Talk Like a Pirate Day! Yes, you too get to walk around with eyepatches and a hearty “Yarrr!” I have me trusty bandanna on with my eye patch and skull and crossbones shirt.

In honor of these great celebrations, Prima Games has 25% off all Pirate related Swag aka eGuides (well, we have 25% off all eGuides, but as Captain of this Blog, I decree that today, it is because of TLAPD!):

Pirates of the Burning Sea (with Parrot item)

Pirates of the Burning Sea Revised Edition (with Lizard item)

Sid Meier’s Pirates!

You should talk like a pirate, and play like one too!  If you need a little help with your piratese, here is a small dictionary to help you out and you can always get some “official” information over at the TLAPD blog.

Fair Winds!

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