Spore Author Tips from Bryan Stratton 1/2

Getting ready to move from the Cell Stage onward?  Check out these tips from one of our Spore Prima Official Game Guide authors, Bryan Stratton.

1) Your actions in earlier stages affect your starting points in later stages. For example, if you’re an aggressive race in the Tribal Stage, you will begin the Civilization Stage as a military society. If you win over other tribes by performing songs or giving them gifts, you will begin the Civilization Stage as a religious or economic society, respectively.

As always, you can click on the image to enlarge it.

2) Offer wild creatures food from your stores in Tribal Stage to domesticate them and harvest eggs from them, which herbivores, carnivores, and omnivores can all eat. In a pinch, carnivorous and omnivorous tribes can also eat their domesticated animals if food runs low.
3) Economic vehicles are the only vehicles in the Civilization Stage that do not have any offensive capabilities. To protect them, retreat to a city fortified with turrets, or escort them with military or religious units.

4) Hold down TAB when creating a creature, building, or vehicle to bring up a variety of advanced part placement options.

5) Keep at least one or two of your tribesmen in your village in the Tribal Stage to discourage wild animals from stealing your food.


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