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Far Cry 2 Impressions: Part 1

Okay, I’m up to my eyeballs in Far Cry 2 at the moment. So I don’t have a ton of time. But I’d like to share a few cool things I’ve encountered while playing the game over last few days.

Fire: The game has the most advanced fire propagation system I’ve seen in anywhere. Fire is greatly influenced by wind so if you’re not careful when tossing molotov cocktails or dousing dry grass with the flamethrower, the wind can push the fire right back in your face. Always attack with the wind at your back. Also, fire is less effective in lush or moist environments, such as jungles. And you can forget going pyro in the middle of rainstorm. This is just one way the dynamic weather system can impact tactics.

Wild Life: Yeah, there’s a bunch of critters inhabiting the game world including water buffalo, antelope, wildebeests, and zebras. During one of my earliest gameplay sessions I spotted a small herd of wildebeests galloping through a savanna. So I stomped on the gas pedal (…er right trigger,) in my jeep and drove alongside the herd. It was a very Dances with Wolves like moment…yet in Africa…and without tatanka…or President Roslin. Then last week a zebra jumped out in front of my dune buggy while I was cruising at about 60 kph. The dune buggy won that collision, but not without seriously messing up the front end.

Weapon Degradation: Unlike most shooters, the weapons in Far Cry 2 have a life cycle of their own. When first bought, they’re shiny, clean, and reliable. But with repeated use they begin to jam, collect dirt, and even rust. So be careful when using old weapons. I was sniping some enemies with my trusty (and rusty) sniper rifle when the thing literally exploded in my face. Fortunately I escaped injury, but suddenly I was in the middle of nowhere without a primary weapon…and my intended targets were preparing for a counter-attack.

Well, gotta get back to work. I’ll share more about the game in the coming weeks.


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