Spore Contest, Sims Preview, Guide Discounts, oh my!

It’s Wednesday, which means a whole lot of awesome stuff came out yesterday, huzzah!

Here’s a quick overview:  Spore Contest | Sims 2 Apartment Life Free Chapter | Viva Pinata Trouble in Paradise Free Pinata Prospectus | Warhammer Online Quiz | 25% all eGuides | Read More Below!


All eGuides are 25% off!  So you can get anynew guide for about $14.99 over the normal $19.99.

Spore Features Page with an Exclusive Contest!

Sign up on the new Spore Feature Page for the Prima Games Spore Newsletter between August 21st, 2008 and September 9th, 2008 to be automatically entered to win a one-of-a-kind 3D resin early development model signed by Will Wright! The winner will be notified Friday, September 12th, 2008 via email.

Click here for all the rules and details as well as information on all the upcoming Prima Spore Guides and exclusive limited edition making-of book.  Time’s running out, so get over there quick!

Sims 2 Features Page showcasing Apartment Life Launched!

You’ve seen the tips here on the blog, now imagine a whole page devoted to Sims 2 Apartment Life including a free preview of Chapter 3: Apartments.  Fantastic, I know.

The guide helps you find and maintain your new apartment as well as your new roommates. Learn the ins and outs of Sims Witchcraft and everything you’ll ever need to know about all new objects, socials, kids and toddlers with exhaustive tables and expert tips.

Viva Pinata Trouble in Paradise Previews

Get a part of the Pinata Prospectus for purely pleasurable and possible poignant information!  (Yeah, say that three times fast).  It includes information about Notes (animal type, level, base value, etc), Requirements, Variants Romance Maze paths, and more!

The Warhammer Online Quiz:
Chaos Badge- Prima Games Warhammer Online Class Quiz


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