Too Human: Deciphering Reviews/Bonuses

So the game’s out and the reviews are in. Overall, I feel the critical response was unjustly harsh. Though I admit, when I first started playing the game back in April, I knew this was going to be one of the most divisive 360 game’s since Shadowrun. Either you get it or you don’t. I’m not sure the deadline-wary reviewers spent enough time with the game to really explore its depth. It wasn’t until the second play-through that I fully grasped the finesse of the combat system and powerful customization offered by the skill and alignment trees. Granted, it’s not a perfect game. No game is. But I feel it deserved better. Hopefully the public looks past the reviews and enjoys the game for what it is. I’ve been playing the game for months now and can’t wait to dig into the retail version. Maybe when I’m finished rampaging through Africa?

Looking through the forums there seems to be a little confusion about some of the game’s more cryptic bonuses. Don’t feel bad. I had the same problem. Fortunately, Silicon Knight’s Henry Sterchi helped us with some of these definitions for the guide. Here’s a few definitions of the more common (yet vague) bonuses you may find applied to certain weapons and armor:

Aggression: Increases aggro (makes enemies mad at you faster)
Dexterity: Increases base gun damage
Experienced: Increases experience bonus
Hybrid: A legacy term for plasma
Mastery: Increases named skill tree node by noted level (class-based)
Soothing: Decreases aggro
Strength: Increases base melee damage

For more Too Human info, check out our guide. Included are names (and functions) of fused charms as well as definitions and descriptions of all enemy polarities and associated status effects. We also have stats for all epic weapons and armor pieces.


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