Too Human: Class Spec Faves

Too Human is releasing on Tuesday. Have you given any thought to which class you’re going to choose? What about skills or alignment? Here’s a quick run down of my favorite specs for each class, customized to match my style of play.

Skill Focus: Attack Speed/Dual Wield
Alignment: Human
Dump skill points in the left branch of the skill tree to take advantage of The Bear’s Boiling Blood, Swift of Claw, and Unrelenting Blades. On the human alignment tree, max out Hero’s Heart. Consider maxing out both A Capacity for Rage (skill tree) and Quick to Anger (human tree) to increase the Berserker’s combo level capacity to five.

Bio Engineer
Skill Focus: Durability/Healer
Alignment: Cybernetic
Invest in the center branch of the skill tree to access the awesome Ward of the Norns’ protective shield spider and hit point enhancing Cellular Rebonding. Increase the spider’s deployment time by maxng out Eveflowing Source in the cybernetic tree.

Skill Focus: Aerial Combat/Melee Damage
Alignment: Human
Max out Asgard’s Fury, then invest in the nodes on the skill tree’s left branch, taking advantage of the damage-boosting One Will Rise Above All and Warrior of the Blood-Eel skills. On the human alignment tree, invest in The Everburning Heart to decrease combo costs and Hero’s Heart to increase melee attack speed.

Skill Focus: Ranged Combat/Explosives
Alignment: Cybernetic
Initially, max out the Wrecker of Mead Halls root skill to boost damage of all secondary fire (grenades, missiles, etc.) munitions. Rain of Iron is another worthwhile skill, as are Tree of Shrieking-Flame, Cut to the Bone, and Gift of Gungnir. Choose cybernetic alignment to gain access to cannons, then invest heavily in the left branch to increase ammo capacity, range, and penetration.

Skill Focus: Durability/Tank
Alignment: Cybernetic
Boost your defense by investing heavily in Defender’s Resilience, Ward of the Norns, and Reversal of Wyrd’s. Most importantly, max out Tyr’s Best Work to enhance the protective value of each equipped armor piece. On the cybernetic tree, boost Augmented Musculature and Enhanced Mobility Actuators to increase damage output. At the bottom of the tree, invest in Hardened Carbotanium Chassis to further boost your total armor value.

For more information on Too Human, including detailed breakdowns of each class and all 94 skills, see our guide releasing this Tuesday; or download the sections on the Commando and Defender now for free! The guide has everything you need to take your character to level 50 including maps of every level (showing all obelisks, containers, and secret areas), complete stats for every ultra-rare epic piece of equipment, class-specific anti-monster tactics, in-depth character bios, and much more.


2 Responses to “Too Human: Class Spec Faves”

  1. August 18, 2008 at 7:37 pm

    I’m really looking forward to the Bio-Engineer, Only 12 more hours!

  2. August 21, 2008 at 1:19 pm

    Defender all the way…but specced for damage.

    The hammer and laser combo is just awesome and the bulky armor is cool too!

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