Too Human Author Gameplay Tips

Ten tips from the man who wrote the book, David Knight:

Combo Meter Growth

Combo Meter Growth

1. Combo meter growth is based on hitting and killing enemies. But you can gain higher combo growth by killing enemies in the air, performing consecutive slide attacks, killing light polarities with a fierce attacks,or killing dark polarities with finishers. Increasing combo levels results in bonus experience, dramatically faster slide speeds, increased slide distance, bonus slide damage, and increased rate of fire for your guns. Combo levels also are required to initiate ruiner attacks and battle cries.

2. Most battle cries are group skills, meaning that the temporary bonus is applied to your co-op teammate. When investing in battle cry skills, discuss the options with your teammate. Some classes benefit from certain battle cries more than others, so find the right match for your team.

3. Performing a juggle attack with a hammer cause Baldur to strike the ground, launching multiple enemies into the air. This is a great way to create an escape path when surrounded, useful when playing as the Commando.

Slide Attack
Slide Attack

4. The slide attack is the best way to stay on the move and avoid getting surrounded. Quickly slide from one enemy to the next, streaking across the floor like a volleyed tennis ball. Such movements also make you a harder target for ranged-based attackers.

5. Each class is proficient with at least one type of weapon. The Berserker excels with dual-wield weapons. Bio Engineers are best when equipped with two-handed weapons. Champions are proficient in both one-handed melee weapons and pistols. The Defender is the master of the hammer and shield combination. And the Commando is the most competent with the rifle/grenade launcher. So try to maximize each classes potential by equipping these weapon types.

Attack the Core

6. The easiest way to take down a troll is by mounting it and striking its fusion core. But first, you must take out the troll’s chest armor to reveal this weakness. Perform an air slide attack on the troll’s torso and execute a finisher on impact to quickly smash the troll’s torso armor. Then circle around behind the troll and press the A button to perform a mounting maneuver. Lean in the opposite directions of the troll’s tilting movements (with the left control stick) to maintain balance atop its shoulders. Then when the troll levels out, strike the fusion core by pressing down on the right control stick. If you’re fast, you can down a troll in a matter of seconds.

7. All ranged weapons are capable of firing one of three ammo types: slug, plasma, or laser. Slug ammo causes moderate damage but has the highest rate of fire. Plasma inflicts the least amount of damage but benefits from splash damage. Laser causes the most damage but must be focused on a target for long durations to optimize output.

Cybernetically Aligned = Cannon

Cybernetically Aligned = Cannon

8. Only cybernetically aligned players can equip cannons. These massive ranged weapons are capable of high rates of fire over long durations, thanks to their large ammo capacities. They also have unique secondary fire capabilities based on their ammo type; slug-based cannons fire missiles, plasma-based cannons fire plasma charges, and laser-based canons fire charged beams.

9. If your equipment begins flashing red, it means the equipment state value has reached zero. When this happens, the equipped weapon or armor piece is considered broken and no longer functions. So be ready to equip a back-up weapon or armor piece. Broken equipment can only be repaired in Aesir at Idunn’s Cyberlab (armor) or Tyr’s Workshop (weapons).

Need to Go Shopping?

Need to Go Shopping?

10. Short on health or money? Look for containers and smash them with your melee weapon. Containers are usually red, but appearance differs based on the level. However, they always contain bounty and/or health orbs.


2 Responses to “Too Human Author Gameplay Tips”

  1. 1 tadashi28
    August 16, 2008 at 7:48 am

    Bought your guide yesterday, good stuff 🙂

  2. August 16, 2008 at 9:46 am

    You have to love FREE tips directly from the source. Great post!

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