I’ve now worked on two Viva Pinata guides and played the first game rather intensely for a period of a couple of months. I did well, attracted many fun papier machie beasties, and made the lives of unseen virtual children joyous with deliveries of candy-filled whack-a-creatures to bring sugar-fueled happiness to their unseen virtual parties.

Yet I’m still utterly baffled as to how anyone in this world thought up the premise for the game. I mean, how did they pitch it?

“OK, here’s the idea…living pinatas.”

Would you have green-lighted such an enterprise? I would’ve given it some seriously raised eyebrows. It sounds ludicrious. I have trouble explaining it to my friends and family. (“No, you don’t build pinatas, you raise them…yes, like a farm animal.”).

And yet, here we are and the game is a great time. I’m not one for the cutsey, cartoon spawning, collection games but I was enthralled for hours upon hours. Apparently, when it comes to the animate pinatas, I’m a 12 year old girl, delighted when I attracted a Chewnicorn.

The next installment that we’re doing a guide for now is Trouble in Paradise. New animals, funny names, new Garden items and textures. Good times. Pinata times…


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