Madden NFL 09 Offensive Tips

Available August 12th

Available August 12th

Because it’s better than throwing that Hail Mary on fourth and goal, check out these Offensive Tips from the Madden NfL 09 Official Game Guide:

When running outside, let your run blockers set up their blocks before using the Sprint button. You don’t want to outrun your blockers on plays like sweeps, tosses and counters.

  • The relative size of your blocker compared to the defensive player is very important when it comes to using the lead blocking control. Don’t expect to be able to flatten larger defenders with a pancake block. You will want to use a cut block in these situations.

  • The past few Madden Challenge winners have utilized basic offensive and defensive schemes. Keep it simple and move the chains. You want plays that give you multiple options and easy reads.

  • Use motion to add an extra run blocker to your play. Many top players will package a tight end into the slot and motion him into the designated running hole. This adds an instant run blocker to the mix.

  • There are two major mistakes that you want to avoid as a quarterback. You don’t want to take a sack, and you don’t want to throw it into coverage. If you don’t see any of your receivers open, get outside of the tackle box and throw it away.

  • Spend some time in practice mode learning to beat bump-n-run man coverage. You can bet you will see a heavy dose of it when playing against human opponents. Most players that call bump-n-run man coverage normally call some type of blitz. Look for quick passing plays that get the ball out of the quarterback’s hands in a hurry.

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