Way down south

And we’re off again. Representing Prima at the San Diego Comic Con for the second year in a row.

I attended for many years as a fan and a hopeful, crushed against the other fans in the rows of booths. Now being on the other side of the table it’s a different world. A good one. Now I can be nice to all the geeks and creatures that pass by, knowing how they’re in shock from either disinterested (or overwhelmed) talent that can barely scribble an autograph before growling for the next person in line or the desperate ballyhoo of the independent boothers trying to get them to buy something.

We’re not selling we just want to say “Hi, we’re here.” And as individuals we’re not famous, we are instead completely unknown, subverting our independent selves to the betterment of the company. And so I think of our area as an oasis, where they can approach without pressure or self-consciousness and talk about video games (Pokemon, mostly) or anime (if Lex happens to be at the booth) or comics (so I can dominate the conversation with fevered rants about the literary intention of the graphic novel).

No pressure. Stop by. We’re waiting.


1 Response to “Way down south”

  1. 1 R3D STAR, aka dukkhah
    July 24, 2008 at 11:57 am

    Have fun in my hometown! Enjoy some delicious Mexican food while you’re down there.

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