Fight Like a Champion

Juggling goblins!

Now that you know the basic combat moves of Too Human, let’s take a look at the featured class available in the demo: the Champion.

The Champion is the most balanced of the classes, equally adept at melee and ranged attacks. But the Champion’s specialty is aerial combat, capable of scoring as many as eight melee hits while flying through the air. To make the most of this skill, continually juggle targets by double tapping the right control stick in the direction of your enemy. While the target is airborne, jump (A button) and press the right control stick in the direction of the aloft enemy to perform an air slide attack. Continue holding the right stick in the direction of the enemy until it’s destroyed or until you return to the ground. But even upon landing you can jump up again and score more melee hits before the target falls. This is the best method for eliminating durable enemies like assault goblins and goblin leaders. When dealing with melee goblins, launch multiple targets into the air (with a hammer juggle or mine) and air slide each before they drop. Air slides function just like normal slide attacks, so while in the air move the right control stick in the direction of your enemies to make Baldur streak through the air, visiting each airborne target with a melee hit. Killing enemies in the air is one of the best ways to build-up the combo meter, thus allowing for more ruiners and battle cries; each requires a minimum of combo level 1 to activate.

When equipping your Champion’s melee weapon, stick with one-handed swords or hammers. While he’s capable of carrying other types, the Champion is most proficient with one-handed instruments, allowing for quicker strikes; essential during aerial combat. Consider equipping a hammer to take advantage of its multi-target juggle capability. When performing a juggle attack with any hammer, Baldur strikes the ground in front of him, creating a small shockwave radius that sends multiple targets into the air, helping prep air slide victims. Hammer juggles are also useful for escaping large swarms, allowing you to launch multiple enemies and retreat to a safer distance (and engage with guns) as they fly through the air. The Champion is also proficient with pistols. The low damage value associated with pistols is a bit misleading. By pressing the right and left triggers simultaneously you can fire two pistols at once, effectively doubling the damage output, often outperforming rifles of similar levels. However, pistols have a shorter range and lower ammo capacity than rifles, so take this into consideration when selecting a ranged weapon.

Each time your Champion levels-up, you’re awarded with 2-3 skill points. Promptly invest these points in you character’s skill tree for added bonuses and capabilities; press start and select Skills from the radial menu. At the beginning, you must invest a minimum of six skill points in the root skill (Unerring Strike) before you can drop additional points in the next three nodes. Of the three upper tier skills, Asgard’s Fury is the most beneficial, assuming you’ve become accustomed to aerial combat; the skill increases air melee damage. Beyond the first tier, you must choose a spider skill. Once a spider skill is chosen, the remaining nodes on the other two branches are locked. So study all the skills in each branch before choosing your spider. Spiders perform a variety of actions, but the Champion’s spiders either deploy mines (on the left and center branches) or a turret (on the right branch); press Y to deploy the spider. The Tree of Raining-Iron turret is one of the coolest spider abilities in the game, firing a barrage of bullets at all nearby enemies. Beyond the spider abilities, you can invest in battle cries and the sentient weapon capability. However, due to the length of the demo, you probably won’t be able to attain the skill points necessary to invest in these skills. In the full game skill points can also be applied to your chosen alignment: human or cybernetic.

So now that you know a little more about the Champion, fire-up the demo and give it another go. For more info on the Champion and all the other classes, check out our game guide releasing next month.


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