Too Human Demo Survival Guide

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The Too Human demo is coming to Xbox Live Marketplace this week as part of Microsoft’s Bringing it Home roll-out of E3 content. According to IGN, the demo is set to release on Monday at 2 AM PDT (that’s tonight!) and will include part of the first level. So I figured this would be a good time to provide some general combat tips before you’re overrun by goblins or stomped by trolls.

Slide Attack: This is a core maneuver during melee combat allowing Baldur to slide from one enemy to the next. Simply push the right control stick in the direction of your intended target to initiate a slide. You can also perform air slide attacks to engage enemies in the air. Simply jump (A button) and push the right control stick in the direction of your airborne enemy.

Juggle Attack: During melee, double tap the right controller in the direction of your enemy to send them flying into the air. While your target is airborne, either jump and perform an air slide attack, or remain on the ground and shoot them with your ballistic weapon by holding down the right trigger. Killing enemies in the air is a great way to boost your combo meter.

Fierce Attack: At long range, simultaneously push the right and left control sticks in the direction of your enemy to perform a fierce attack. This fires a blast of energy from your melee weapon, damaging and knocking down any hostile units in its path; a great crowd control method. Swords, staves, and hammers produce different fierce attacks, but they all function similarly.

Finisher: Like the fierce attack, finishers are performed by pushing the right and left control sticks in the direction of your enemy. However, finishers must be performed at close range, causing Baldur to strike his nearby enemy multiple times for bonus damage. Use it on tough enemies like assault goblins and goblin leaders.

Ruiner: The ruiner is a massive radius attack, damaging (and sometimes killing) all enemies around your character; press the right shoulder button to deploy. Each ruiner costs one full combo level to deploy, so use these attacks sparingly to avoid depleting your combo meter. They’re most effective as a means of escape when your character is surrounded by swarms of goblins.

2 in 1 Attacks: Link together two attacks to boost damage and your combo meter. Start by sliding toward an enemy and while you’re in mid-slide (before you reach the enemy) prime a second attack such as a juggle, finisher, or ruiner. The damage caused by linking attacks is far greater than if the attacks were performed individually. Ruiners performed in this fashion are done so at half-price, using only 50% of their standard combo meter cost.

Dive Roll: Press the B button to execute an evasive dive roll. Get used to using this maneuver to avoid incoming missiles (fired by assault goblins) or getting knocked down by the melee troll’s hammer attacks. It’s also a good way to escape crowds of enemies, allowing you to retreat to a safe distance.

Troll Mounting: Trolls are the massive brown-colored machines equipped with giant hammers on their left arm. The easiest way to kill a troll is by mounting it and striking its fusion core. But first, you must destroy its chest armor protecting the power source; ranged or melee weapons are both effective. Once the chest armor is destroyed, run behind the troll and press the A button to perform a mounting maneuver. As the troll attempts to shake you off, lean in the opposite direction of its lurches by pushing the left control stick in the proper direction. When the troll levels out, push down on the right control stick to strike the fatal blow.

That should be enough to get you started. So download the demo, smash lots of goblins, and have fun! For tons of more info on Too Human,  check out our game guide releasing next month.


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