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Boxing versus MMA…. games

I’ve always been a huge fan of boxing games. I was a fan from the get-go. I grew up in a house that was big into boxing- when boxing was big- and eventually found a taste for MMA before it was big at all. Needless to say, I devoured Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out when it released. In fact, I still remember the trip to the Toys-R-Us with my dad to go get it for my bday when it first released way back when. When Knockout Kings first released on the PS1, I was the only one in my area to have it reserved.

As years went by, boxing games evolved (into the masterpiece that is now Fight Night Round 3) while a few spatterings of UFC-flavored MMA games came out. What has always preplexed me is that no UFC game ever seemed to “get it” while nearly all boxing games met with some amount of success. Be they the Knockout Kings turned Fight Night series, Ready To Rumble, Victorious Boxers or even any of the one-round boxing titles (Evander Holyfield’s One Shot At a Boxing Game for the Master System!) they all met with some decent amount of success.

Granted, punching and ring-movement translates onto a controller easier than MMA’s multiple fighting styles. But if developers can make Metal Gear Solid’s control scheme work, why can’t they make a decent MMA fighter?

It seems like now, more than ever, the question should be asked. In a time during which MMA (UFC namely) dominates the gladiatorial sports moreso than boxing, shouldn’t someone be able to make a decent MMA fighting game? Hey, the WWE games have been enjoying success for years!!! Maybe the consoles in the past were too limited? I dunno! I don’t make games. Maybe the controllers weren’t complex enough? Doubt it. Maybe there wasn’t a market big enough to warrant spending mucho dinero in developing an MMA game? Most likley. But now that we’re in the new console generation and the MMA market is growing, doesn’t it seem like good time for some big time game company to plunk down the dough and make it happen?

Don’t get me wrong. I’ll still be happy playing any and all new boxing titles. Facebreakers, Fight Night Round 4, where are you???!??! But I wouldn’t mind seeing a good UFC game some time in the near future…


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