Mega Man Star Force 2: Localizing the Wave Command Card Kit

ロックマン. Rockman. The Blue Bomber.  Mega Man.

The Mega Man franchise started in 1987 when the Blue Bomber hopped onto the scene on the NES in 8-bit glory.  The premise was simple.  You are a robot assistant created by Dr. Light as a simple AI tool using type robot, the basis of a group of once similar, and useful household robots (called Robot Masters) that were reprogrammed to harm humanity by Dr. Light’s evil protégé, Dr. Wily.  You alone resisted the reprogramming, offered to transform yourself into a fighting machine and with your Buster in arm, take down the rogue robots.  In a word: Epic.  Okay, so I might have added a little to it, but still awesome.

A 2-D side scroller where you could only shoot three “bullets” from your arm and jump around, the game was hard.  You went through each Robot Master’s level, defeated each Robot Master (stupid Quick Man), learned their abilities and continued fighting until you defeated Dr. Wily.  Many games came to follow, adding new features like the Slide (thank god), a charged Buster, even a Hadoken…but the premise pretty much stayed the same.  Mega Man + Evil Robot Master & Dr. Wily = ass whoop.

The Mega Man series is pretty huge.  There’s classic Mega Man, then we have the X series, Legends, Battle Network, Zero, ZX, and Star Force.  I’ve placed a little from each: my current list that I’m playing now is Mega Man 2, Zero 4 (in Japanese actually), ZX Advent, and I just got Star Force 2. 

And here the truth comes out…Mega Man Star Force 2: Wave Command Card Kit.  Out June 24th.  You gotta help Geo and Omega-Xis battle the new threat coming from the land of Mu, and an enemy known as Rogue.  That’s all I’m going to tell you for now…

I’ve lived in Japan, and have played games simultaneously in both English and Japanese (from DMC4 to my current Rockman game).  One thing that I’m really excited about in SF2 is the cards.  Yes, there are Wave Command Cards in Star Force 2.  279 actually and 9 separate categories (we try to trick you as there are some “secrets” in the book ~_^).  And no, you can’t find all of them in the games. 
We have localized the Japanese version of the book, and I gotta tell you, it was really cool to work on.  It always amazes me to see how we change things from one language to another—just look at Mega Man’s name.  Mega Man in the US.  Rockman in Japan.  And trust me, that wasn’t the only name we changed for this.  The book localized all aspects of every card and how to use them.  112 pages of awesomeness.  We worked on the difference in names, elements, attack call-outs, etc.  We tried our best to keep the layout and artwork the same as well as the same cover (see picture)   It also includes Touch Command Overlays to help with the card input as there are about 20 possible inputs at any time and the cards have anywhere from 6 spots to 14. 

Mega Man Star Force 2 Cover Comparison

You can check out this link to download a preview of the guide and get roughly 6 cards for free.  You can find books in stores and on sale along side the game on June 24th.  You can also download the eGuide at 12:01am on 6.24.08.  Mega Man Star Force 2 looks to be a pretty sweet addition the Mega Man family.  From 8-bit to Touch Command Interface… Tribe On!


1 Response to “Mega Man Star Force 2: Localizing the Wave Command Card Kit”

  1. 1 r3dstar
    June 20, 2008 at 6:59 pm

    I do love me some MegaMan. Though it may not be one of the traditional MegaMan games, I was hooked on MegaMan Soccer for years.

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