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Just One More Turn

Last week the demo for Sid Meier’s Civilization Revolution popped up on Xbox Live and the Playstation Network. I admit that I have played Civilization in the past. While I built up empires in Civ II and III, I was able to steer clear of Civ IV—not because it was not a great game, but I wanted to continue to have a life. So when I saw the demo for the console only Civilization Revolution was up, I hesitated a bit before downloading it. That fact that it was for consoles helped push me over the edge. How in depth could it be? Plus a demo can’t take that long to play all the way through.


Once the demo was completely downloaded, it started it up. As an added safeguard, I picked up my 7month old daughter who was being a bit fussy and set her on my lap. Two hours later, I was still playing. The baby was asleep and I was still working my way through the game, trying to conquer Egypt with my legions and armies of archers and horsemen. Unfortunately, you can’t save your progress in the demo, so I had to shut down the 360 so I could take kids to practices and other places they had to go.


Though I have yet to get back into the demo again, I was impressed with Civilization Revolution. While not as deep and complex as the previous PC Civs, Revolution has just the right amount of detail and control to make this game accessible to new players as well as keep veterans satisfied. At first look, this game looks to be as addictive as its predecessors. Also, Sid Meier has once again implemented his patented time warp as my two-hour experience illustrated. So whether you play the demo or buy the complete game when it is released in July, be sure to have some link in the normal space time continuum to pull you back. Otherwise, your life may pass by you as you play for just one more turn.




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