Mario Kart Wii: Guide Creation Blog 2 of 3

As my time tearing through Mario Kart Wii continued, I began to experiment with the five different control types in the game. All of them offer excellent maneuvering for your kart and characters, and first in my hands was the all-new wheel, in which you slot the Wiimote. Although this gets tiring (perhaps due to my daily 12-hour marathon karting sessions), it’s also arguably the most fun, as you steer using the wheel as expected, and use the Wiimote’s d-pad to throw items back or forward. This is important, as accurate banana trajectories can win or lose a race! As I continued to test out the different gameplay modes, I also noticed that my Ghost times (which are saved after you complete a Time Trial race) were accompanied by a wheel icon; showing all your rivals just how hardcore you are!


Also hardcore? This INSANE shortcut through the craziest Rainbow Road course ever seen!


Although the Wii Wheel was one of the most novel ways to steer around the twisting turns of the 32 different courses, there were other options that were just as entertaining. My personal favorite was the good old Nunchuk and Wiimote combo, with the Nunchuk responsible for steering, and a quick flick of the Wiimote when you wanted to perform a Trick. Tricks are another all-new feature to this game, and you’re able to attempt one as soon as you hit the air from a ramp or other jump. Execute a Trick, and your character tries a stylish flip, or does the splits, before you land with a quick turbo boost of speed. This is another great way to gain the edge on your opponents! I also enjoyed the classic GameCube controller, which really allows you to enjoy a control scheme you’ll be familiar with if you played Double Dash.


As my time at Nintendo continued, I sped through and memorized more and more of the tracks. To ensure there’s more than enough choices for everyone, Nintendo has incorporated 16 “retro” courses; tracks like the classic Ghost Valley 2 from the Super Nintendo, or Peach Beach from the Gamecube, and mixed them into different cups. This allows you to retry pre-existing courses that usually have less in the way of jumps and bumps, or select the newer courses with more undulation. Of course, there are 16 brand new tracks to figure out as well, and all of them offer a ludicrously large amount of fun. Some are truly frightening too; try completing the all-new Rainbow Road without a major twinge of vertigo! As I continued to play the game, I began to unlock some truly spectacular secrets….


Next time: I finally get to grips with the real racing lines, and burst some balloons in the frantic Battle Mode!


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