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Mario Kart, motorcycles, and Mii (blog quickie)

Finally. After several long years of waiting, Nintendo released its Wii-teration of Mario Kart. On a sidenote, is anyone else sick of all the Wii-isms yet? I just used one, but still, I think I’ve reached my limit on Wii-isms. Anyhow, let’s get back on track (pun intended).

I was pleasently surprised at how well the motorcycles perform. Initially I was expecting it to perform like a smaller version of the lighter karts, but after a few powerslides and wheelies, I found that the ‘cycles were their own little beasts.  I wasn’t surprised to see my newfound appreciation for the motorcycles were a worldwide phenomenon too. Just go online in any vs. race and you’ll see the majority of people speeding about on two wheels instead of four. After defeating all CCs with both karts and bikes, I’ve come to the conclusion that bikes are definitely the way to go. You may get bumped around a bit more it seems, but the wheelies on straight-aways are totally worth it.

I’m not sure which bike I like the most yet. The “motorcross” bike  (1st on the list) or the surprisingly maneuverable “Amercian Chopper” style hog (3rd on the list)…