Getting Paid to Play

Hello. My name is David Hodgson, and I’m a Prima Author. I’ve been writing guides for ten years now, having cut my teeth on a variety of publications both in the US and the UK. I’ve watched the birth of the internet. I’ve met my wife over a Street Fighter II (Championship Edition) arcade machine. I’ve failed to purchase Google stock before the IPO. I’ve been given Gamers.com stock weeks before that website imploded. I’ve helped launch over 15 video game-related magazines and ventures: Let’s quickly check how all of them are doing right now… yep, they’ve all shut down. So, I’m certainly not the first person you might think of asking for video game career advice. Or the fiftieth, even.


Yesterday's news

The ghosts of magazines past: Incite, GameFan, Gamers’ Republic, The Metal Gear Solid Official Mission Handbook, and Maximum Magazine.


Unless the question is “how do I get a job I love in the video games industry, and not make the same series of hilarious miss-steps that you did?” In which case, I can help you with that. The first plan of attack is to pick up my new book (now in its second edition), which I’m almost embarrassed about recommending in such a direct manner. But not that embarrassed: It’s called Video Game Careers, just in case you were confused by the old title; Paid to Play. The second plan, for those without $14 burning a hole in their pocket and no access to amazon.com, is to come back here next Monday, when I’ll continue this blog with a series of devastatingly accurate methods of becoming the next Hideo Kojima. Or David Jaffe. Or Will Wright. Or, yes even the next Morgan Webb.


Meanwhile, here’s what I’m feverishly working on:


Just finished: Crafting amazing racing lines for all 32 tracks for the Mario Kart Wii guide.

Currently: I’m finalizing the second edition of the Video Game Careers book.

About to: Complete my first chapter of the Official Guide to Spore.


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