Metal Gear Solid 4 – 12/12 Author Tips

12. Maximizing Battle Efficiency


“Efficiency” actually depends on what your goals are. Naturally, if you’re trying to achieve a no-kill playthrough, you won’t have the same priorities as when your bloodlust dictates that you shoot everyone and everything in sight. But overall, the following tips are true in most instances.



  • Aiming for the head works a treat (headshots usually result in instant death/unconsciousness, or increased damage on bosses).


  • Using upgraded weapons (scopes, red dots, et al) makes you more accurate and effective.


  • When surrounded, activate Auto Aim mode to quickly eliminate all enemies (change targets by pressing left or right on the right analog stick). This is less effective on higher difficulty settings, though.


  • Choosing the right location is important. For example, a high vantage point works best if you are sniping, it pays to operate from a defensible position during combat, and picking a secluded spot to silently take down a target is always sensible.


  • Press the R3 button to turn Snake to face the camera direction. This even works when he’s lying down or manning a turret.


  • Make sure militia/rebel fighters are friendly to you by helping them out as much as possible during battles, especially when they ask you to. Make a point of not aiming at or (however inadvertently) shooting them.


  • Never fight if you’re in a weak or dangerous position, especially a location that exposes you to fire from several directions. If in doubt, bolt for cover.


  • Always try to eliminate your most dangerous opponents first. Snipers and turret operators should obviously be your principle targets.


  • Be sure to reload frequently to avoid the dreaded “dead man’s click”, and have weapons prepared in reserve for more unrelenting assaults.


  • Conserve valuable items and ammo, and try to save your most powerful weapons for the strongest targets.

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