Metal Gear Solid 4 – 10/12 Author Tips

10. The Metal Gear Mk. II


Metal Gear Mk. II is a mobile terminal that can be selected from the Items menu and controlled manually. Use the left analog stick to move it around, but don’t forget to activate its stealth camo function with the X button if there are potential aggressors nearby. This ensures that Mk. II is hidden from the naked eye, though it can still be detected by infrared sensors. Use Mk. II to remotely reconnoiter areas while Snake lies low, or even have it knock out isolated soldiers with its electric shock device by holding the L1 button and then pressing the R1 button. You can also press the Triangle button while controlling the robot to perform a variety of context-sensitive actions, such as disarming traps, knocking on walls to distract enemies, and flicking light switches. When you’re done, tap the L2 button or change to a different item to return control to Snake.


Mk. II may not be big enough to wreak havoc in the manner of its much larger namesake, but never less than useful – especially if you favor stealth over direct confrontation. It’s also invaluable during the Mission Briefing cutscenes at the start of each Act, where you can control it to explore the Nomad and collect hidden items. It’s also handy for exploring ventilation shafts, removing the need for Snake to crawl laboriously for minutes at a time.


However, the use of Mk. II is not without drawbacks. The most important thing to remember is that Snake is vulnerable to discovery and sneak attack while piloting it. Secondly, Mk. II consumes battery power at a voracious rate, particularly when its stealth functionality is active. Finally, the device has a limited range, so it’s not possible to use it to explore large areas unless you regularly reposition Snake.


Article by: Piggyback Limited Interactive


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